XRF Analyzer

Get Fast, Accurate Results With the XRF Analyzer

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If you're looking for an accurate, immediate environmental analyzer, you're in the right place. Eastern Solutions offers XRF Analyzers for rent. This lightweight, easy-to-use device makes testing for lead paint and soil contaminants simple.

Give your business an advantage by renting an XRF Analyzer. You can visit us locally in Charlotte, NC or arrange for us to ship your equipment to you.

3 reasons to use the XRF Analyzer

The XRF Analyzer is primarily used to test for lead paint and soil contaminants. What makes it better than older analyzers is that it...

  1. Does not have a radioactive source
  2. Is lightweight and handheld
  3. Works faster than other models

Faster results mean fewer lab samples, and that saves you money. Reach out to Eastern Solutions in Charlotte, NC today to arrange for your rental.

Are you using this for soil analysis? Reference materials are available!