Why Choose Eastern?

Long Term Rental Savings

  • A revolution in the environmental equipment industry, Eastern Solutions is now offering our clients the opportunity to save big on those long term projects.

  • On your projects that take 2 months or more, take advantage of this cost saving solution by joining our long term rental program.

  • 2 week charge for 4 week rental (select equipment)

  • Free swap out of meters

Volume Discount

  • Buy Big, Save Bigger. - Deep discounts on bulk order shipments & deliveries for all your field supplies.

Flexible Stop/Start Billing

  • Introducing the Stop/Start Billing Program. When project dates change don't worry, Eastern Solutions has you covered. Flexible billing is now available if your project dates are delayed within a couple of days. We'll simply stop the clock and restart a couple of days later when your project gets underway.

Free Delivery and Pick-up

  • Free delivery withing a 90-mile radius of downtown Charlotte, N.C.

  • Free ground shipping to & from locations outside the 90-mile radius of Charlotte, N.C. (Equipment is shipped inside a small shipping container with return label inside.)